How to Setup a successful Craft-Beer making Business in India?

8 years back there were less than 10 microbreweries in the India Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore and in Punjab. Nowadays more than 200 are running successfully and so many are coming up emerging up with new beers and new ideas and themes. There are plenty of buildings in big cities and small cities. I think every town deserves to have its brewery, just like having its own  Radio Station, Post office Bank, and shopping mall. Having more than 200 Micro-breweries we still have a long way to go even my point is that there is a long way to go before we have saturated the market.

So there is no reason you can not put a microbrewery in your town. It is my hope that this article series will become a valuable tool for you to use to add your own brewery to the current total.

At this point, I have helped with few breweries including industrial as well as microbreweries. We are essentially inexpensive. I did then for just a fraction of what professionally you need and those breweries are still making beers and sales.

Here is what I found along with the ways. once you understand the basics, starting running a money making brewery is really not so difficult. to do that we have developed a simple set of steps that one can follow to take himself beyond the dreaming stage and into his own brewery in 6 months.

These series are designed to be a practical guide through all the steps necessary to open your own brewery.  Keep in mind that your location will dictate specific requirements. A small city in Chattisgarh is different from a big city like Hyderabad or Bangalore. All Indian states have their own rules and you have to find out to follow them. It’s up to you yo find these out. I can guide you through the rest. What I am giving you is to do list starting point will be the money of course. Once you have a handle on that, you can move forward and put your plan together.

It may b that your biggest question is the type of equipment to buy and how to put the types of equipment together. However, this series of articles will cover so much more.Including the type of location for your business the setup of your business finally, the system to run a lucrative operation.

In the upcoming article, I will discuss the following basic steps and eventually all you need to set up a successful brewing business.

  1. Money (managing funds, savings, assets, trades, the bank etc.)
  2. Location(rural/urban, downtown, highway or outskirts etc.)
  3. Brewery Bussiness setup ( Corporation/Sole Proprietorship, partnerships etc.)
  4. Licensing (Electricity, Air/ Water Pollution and excise etc.)

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