I didn’t know there is the song on my Indian Brewing professional life

Lyrics are from a song called Lock in a room from The Opposite Side of the Sea is the debut studio album from Israeli singer Oren Lavie. It was released in January/February 2007 in Europe without major success, and later released on March 10, 2009, in the United States via Lavie’s own label Quarter Past Wonderful, named under the song of the same name.


Coming back to the point is today I was listening this song while commuting to the office and suddenly something clicked in my mind and I can correlate lyrics with my professional journey.


JOB 1 :

Locked in a room with a sink and a broom

And the walls are all white

But you think it’s alright

‘Cause a wonderful picture of a bridge

Which is covered with frost

And a man comes across

JOB 2 :

Locked in a room that is nothing but walls

And you search for a chair

But there’s nothing at all

And the one thing you find when you look at the floor

Is a key, but there isn’t a door

JOB 3 :

Now that you’re locked in a room

There is room to assume

You are there for a cause

You’re not sure what it was

When you’re locked in a room


JOB 4 :

Locked in a room with your memory far

You don’t know where it is

But you know where you are

In the dark of a room with a wall out of which

Comes a lamp, but there isn’t a switch


Brewthletics :

Locked in a room it is small it is not

It is empty and cold so you fill it with thoughts

Of a wonderful nature, and various sizes you doubt

You could think your way out

Now that the room ’cause you’re locked

And the moon is not locked and nobody’s speaking

The silence is ticking

When you’re locked in a room



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