Circulating Cleaners and Sanitizers in Filters and Bright Tanks

Portable pumps and permanent pumps used with switch racks (or diverter panels) can create hazards if proper procedures are not followed.

Brewers equipped with PPE should:

  1. Hook up hoses and fittings that are in good condition to pumps/switch racks.
  2. Hoses and fittings should be periodically inspected to ensure the condition is acceptable. Hoses and fitting should be installed properly so they won’t come apart when pumping takes place.
  3. All valves in the path of the liquid travel should be open before pumps are activated.
  4. Pumps should not be connected to a power source or turned on until all connections are made and values are opened. In the same way, pumps should be disconnected from a power source first before valves are closed and hoses are disconnected.
  5. When disconnecting hoses on pumps/switch racks, brewers should ensure the potential for the release of liquid under pressure is eliminated by turning the pump off, closing valves and slowly releasing any stored pressure.

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