The Journey Ahead of the Drunken Cherub…

Let us pick up from where we left yesterday. When the benchmark of a Craft beer is set by one of the most renowned shrines in the world of Craft beer, one cannot help but compare, and it is like those pretty dicey tinder dates where the girl or the guy ends up comparing it with a hot ex! And I being a part of the same species I did the obvious same thing. Somehow and in every way, no Microbrewery seemed to hit the right ‘Soprano and Bass’ in terms of my very own personal standards here.  I was already pretty much taken by ‘Doollalay’ and made up my mind to work there one fine day!

My Masters was progressing as it should but then again I do not really know if I was going in the same direction. It was the same old lectures and then practicals which in my opinion had nothing to do with the actual brewing course. Sometime at the start of the second year we really got the opportunity of brew. I am going to get all brew nerdy so please bear with me, the mashing in which very well gave of the aroma of stewed porridge and freshly leavened bread. Then the separation of the grain from the liquid – Lautering, this again is my first favorite part wherein all the action and the biochemistry work its way. A strong English Bitter, at least that’s what we felt it was! A light and crisp Belgian Wit and dark and mysterious Stout, we sort of tried our hand at these but then again amateurs make mistakes and like those very understanding and cute tinder dates we were forgiven!

With the idea of ‘expanding my horizons’ which is, simply put for I-decided-to-go-rouge-in-my-research I explored big bad world of the dark web. We Indians might feel that we have stumbled upon a treasure of sorts by accepting Craft beer and moving on over from the so called manly beers, which if you ask me are the same whatsoever in taste, appearance and aroma, it is the truth that this industry is still very much breaking off from the nascent stage to expand its wings.

My research took me to the series of videos thrown in on Youtube by the Northern Brewer which is basically run and curated for enthusiasts who would not hesitate to experiment like those self confessed tinder adventurists who do not shy away from something big and bold! I remember it very clearly to this day that they made two beers. In one they managed to blend in a particular variety of macerated green grapes to impart the characteristic flavor and also introduce natural sugars instead of additives helpful for fermentation, sorry again guys I have be to beer nerdy here. Then in the second beer they really pushed the boundaries by adding wild yeasts extracted from the Egyptian beers dating to a substantial time. If this was not rogue enough then I do not know what is!

As I said, I could have been like the rest from batch but then again where is the fun without a little spice and a little procrastination helps a long, provided spoken at the right time.  This much I do not remember putting even in any tinder date or a hookup. At that point of time I was like those star struck kid who only see the shimmering lights and not the dark wet patches. Needless to say I loved being the one person about whom gossip and talk always just happened. Be it my lack of obvious interest in the course or even the fact that I was embroiled in a major scandal. Tut tut… that is for the third part. Till then Be Rogue and Be Crazy! But then don’t scare away your tinder date!

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