How to design beers for India ?

Beer making is an ancient art, but before putting anything in your brewing vessel and fermenters and eventually in bottles or to offer it to drinker one should think 100 times, most of the time it’s not all about BJCP style guidelines as a brewer you have to break rules for this.

One has to do time travel in history as the future to imagine what he is going to make.

Beer is a food and is always combined with other food.

If you’re designing your beer I have five golden rules

  1. Study food habits of people, anthropology tries to figure out their staple food ingredients and they will love the beer you put same in your beer
  2. I personally think if any food has the same flavours as your mom or grandma used to cook for you will order that food and eventually that will become your favourite and fact behind is that we in our subconscious mind always comparing that food to our mom’s cooked food.
  3. In real life analytic empathy enables you to understand people so deeply and to know about them in a similar way when you’re making beer and you can use the same to get a lot of information about their taste and food which help you eventually to make good beers.
  4. Genetics and the place where they are from also plays important role Studies suggest that the MHC is involved in making choice for many vertebrates through olfactory cues.
  5. Finally, Brewers have choices about different types of malt, hops and yeast, but not water. Study the water profile to make a specific beer for specific consumers.

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