Bira, Simba or White Owl?

All beers claim to the Belgian Witbier style

In my opinion


Moderate malty sweetness with light, grainy, spicy wheat aromatic, with a bit of tartness. Moderate perfumy coriander, with a complex herbal, spicy, or peppery note in the background. Moderate zesty, citrusy-orange fruitiness. A low spicy-herbal hop aroma is missing in Bira. White owl has Vegetal, celery-like, or ham-like aromas which is inappropriate. In Case of Bira and Simba spices are blended in with fruity, floral and sweet aromas.


All beers are pale straw to very light gold in color. The beers are very cloudy from starch haze and yeast, which gives it a milky, whitish-yellow appearance. Dense, white, moussy head. Head retention is good for all.


Simba + White Owl are pleasantly malty-sweet grain flavor and a zesty, orange-citrusy fruitiness while Bira has tart, finish and have a low bready wheat flavor also has a very light lactic-tasting sourness. Herbal-spicy flavors, include coriander and other spices, are subtle and balanced, not overpowering in Simba and But not in other two. A spicy-earthy hop flavor is low, and quite noticeable, never gets in the way of the spices in Simba and White Owl. Hop bitterness is low to medium-low, and doesn’t interfere with refreshing flavors of fruit and spice, persist into the Bira . In Bira bitterness from orange peel is present. Vegetal, celery-like, ham-like, or soapy flavors are there in Bira.


Simba is Medium-light to medium body, often having a smoothness and light creaminess from unmalted wheat and the occasional oats. In Bira Despite body and creaminess, finishes dry and often a bit tart. Effervescent character from high carbonation. White owl is refreshing, from carbonation, light acidity, and lack of bitterness in finish. No harshness or astringency from orange peel. Bira is thick and heavy.

**Overall Impression**

Simba is a refreshing(Lemon grass ) , elegant, tasty, moderate-strength wheat-based ale than all and Bira is too heavy on palate and tongue and white Owl ( Wheat Beer) reminds of Witlinger Beer.


The presence, character and degree of spicing and lactic acid sourness varies among all three beers.Bira White has overpowering notes of Tartness and floral notes while white owl is more of a Beer called Witlinger and Simba has hints of lemon grass and one can feel astringency of malt but over all Simba is balanced and white owl on the other hand has celery like aroma which is inappropriate and white Overly spiced and/or sour beers are not good examples of the style.

**Conclusion :**

Simba >Bira >White Owl

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