Indian Craft Beer names

Some times you think more than beers and you're so obsessed with it that you start doing the following things here are a few thoughts on translating popular beer styles in india into popular Indian character. Phoolan's IPA (Rebelliously Bitter) Phoolan Devi, popularly known as the ‘Bandit Queen of India’ and very famous for her rebel … Continue reading Indian Craft Beer names

Circulating Cleaners and Sanitizers in Filters and Bright Tanks

Portable pumps and permanent pumps used with switch racks (or diverter panels) can create hazards if proper procedures are not followed. Brewers equipped with PPE should: Hook up hoses and fittings that are in good condition to pumps/switch racks. Hoses and fittings should be periodically inspected to ensure the condition is acceptable. Hoses and fitting … Continue reading Circulating Cleaners and Sanitizers in Filters and Bright Tanks

What is Beer yeast ?

No satisfactory definition exists and features of commonly encountered yeast such as alcoholic fermentation or growth by budding are absent from a substantial minority of yeasts. Yeast is generally accepted as fungi, which are predominantly unicellular, there are various borderline “yeast-like fungi” which are difficult to classify. Kreger-van Rij The current classification is still basically … Continue reading What is Beer yeast ?