Predicting Future Trends In The Indian Craft Brewing Industry


The market for beer-based mixed drinks have strongly increased in recent years. Beer-based mixed drinks, in particular, find a high acceptance in different consumer groups. Innovative beverages on the basis of beer, give the brewer a great chance to selectively address a modern and unconventional consumer group and conquer new markets. Fruity additives to beer … Continue reading Predicting Future Trends In The Indian Craft Brewing Industry


Indian Craft Beer names

Some times you think more than beers and you're so obsessed with it that you start doing the following things here are a few thoughts on translating popular beer styles in india into popular Indian character. Phoolan's IPA (Rebelliously Bitter) Phoolan Devi, popularly known as the ‘Bandit Queen of India’ and very famous for her rebel … Continue reading Indian Craft Beer names

Brewery Chemical Handling Hazards

Before dispensing and using hazardous chemicals, brewery employees need to be aware of the following precautions: Concentrated chemicals should always be added to water, not the other way around. When dispensing chemicals, chemical resistant gloves, selected based on the chemicals present, should always be worn. Consult the glove selection information below. Care should be taken … Continue reading Brewery Chemical Handling Hazards