The Journey Ahead of the Drunken Cherub…

Let us pick up from where we left yesterday. When the benchmark of a Craft beer is set by one of the most renowned shrines in the world of Craft beer, one cannot help but compare, and it is like those pretty dicey tinder dates where the girl or the guy ends up comparing it … Continue reading The Journey Ahead of the Drunken Cherub…

The Start of the Drunken Cherub…

This journey started way back in the winter of 2007 during a lecture on the applications of Industrial Microbiology at the conference hall of Persistent Technologies here in Pune. It was sadly turning out to be another boring lecture when out of nowhere the person happened to give a mention, like the honourable mentions to … Continue reading The Start of the Drunken Cherub…

आपण पितो …. पण का..??

मद्य सेवन हे आपल्या जीवनशैली चा एक अविभाज्य घटक बनला आहे . मद्य पिण्यासाठी आपल्याला फक्त बहाणा पाहिजे असतो .. आज काय तर मैत्रीण सोडून गेली , नौकरी लागली , मित्र खूप दिवसांनी भेटला , एकटा वाटतेय अशी बरेच करणे असतात आपल्या कडे.. काही क्षण सुखाचे असतात तर काही दुःखाचे . भारताबद्दल बोलायचे झाले तर … Continue reading आपण पितो …. पण का..??

Indian report on Glyphosate in Beers…

Beer and wines are made by using various agricultural products(Fruits, Barley, hops, etc). When you’re having a beer or a glass of wine, the last thing you want to think about is that it includes a potentially dangerous pesticide. No matter the efforts of brewers and vintners, we found that it is incredibly difficult to … Continue reading Indian report on Glyphosate in Beers…

Indian Craft Beer names

Some times you think more than beers and you're so obsessed with it that you start doing the following things here are a few thoughts on translating popular beer styles in india into popular Indian character. Phoolan's IPA (Rebelliously Bitter) Phoolan Devi, popularly known as the ‘Bandit Queen of India’ and very famous for her rebel … Continue reading Indian Craft Beer names

Circulating Cleaners and Sanitizers in Filters and Bright Tanks

Portable pumps and permanent pumps used with switch racks (or diverter panels) can create hazards if proper procedures are not followed. Brewers equipped with PPE should: Hook up hoses and fittings that are in good condition to pumps/switch racks. Hoses and fittings should be periodically inspected to ensure the condition is acceptable. Hoses and fitting … Continue reading Circulating Cleaners and Sanitizers in Filters and Bright Tanks

Brewery Glove Selection Tool

Glove material Intended use Advantages and disadvantages Example Photos Latex (natural rubber) Incidental contact Good for biological and water-based materials. Poor for organic solvents. Little chemical protection. Hard to detect puncture holes. Can cause or trigger latex allergies Nitrile Incidental contact (disposable exam glove) Extended contact (thicker reusable glove) Excellent general use glove. Good for … Continue reading Brewery Glove Selection Tool

Brewery Chemical Handling Hazards

Before dispensing and using hazardous chemicals, brewery employees need to be aware of the following precautions: Concentrated chemicals should always be added to water, not the other way around. When dispensing chemicals, chemical resistant gloves, selected based on the chemicals present, should always be worn. Consult the glove selection information below. Care should be taken … Continue reading Brewery Chemical Handling Hazards

I didn’t know there is the song on my Indian Brewing professional life

Lyrics are from a song called Lock in a room from The Opposite Side of the Sea is the debut studio album from Israeli singer Oren Lavie. It was released in January/February 2007 in Europe without major success, and later released on March 10, 2009, in the United States via Lavie's own label Quarter Past … Continue reading I didn’t know there is the song on my Indian Brewing professional life

We are looking for Content Writer to add to our squad

We are looking to add to our team of Content Writer. As a member of this team, you will work with a dedicated and creative writing ensemble to make craft beer come to life on the page. Job Requirements Candidate must be beer enthusiast. The candidate should have a history in creative writing fields with … Continue reading We are looking for Content Writer to add to our squad